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Continually growing,
always challenging.
Our diverse portfolio
covers a wide variety
of industries.
Welcome to AkmaraDesign
A growing visual design and
creative branding services company
specializing in identity design,
making brand famous, rejuvinating
brands and generating business
growth for our clients.

Packaging Design
Distinctive and commanding
packaging design is crucial in facing
the challange of competing brands.
Every brand competes fiercely with
its rival to become the brand of
choice among consumers.

Events & Exhibition
From first brief up to final strategy, from design and
construction through event support, promotion and
management, we have successfully handled an array
of events and exhibitions.

Identity Design
A strong corporate/brand identity
reflects the character of the company,
its line of business and its culture

Promotional Design
Marketing and promotional
activities require a well-balanced
strategy that is both sustainable
and capable of effectively
conveying persuasive messages
to the target market